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What is a Rich Picture?

Rich pictures are a drawing or picture also known as 'situation summaries'. Ideal for business strategies, flow diagrams, training and course outlines, they help staff and workers to quickly understand what is being communicated verbally or via text - and in a more memorable way.


Rich pictures are created in a group setting, often during workshops, to help encapsulate complex or difficult situations through cartoon representation. They can make for great analytic tools and can aid in learning.


Rich pictures may incorporate objects, layout, connections, relationships, influences, cause and effect, structures, processes, issues, arguments, and so on. They should also, as far as possible, depict subjective elements, such as character and characteristics, the different points of view, prejudices, and spirit of those involved. 

A Rich Picture is best suited for...

  • Business Strategys or visions

  • Company values

  • Company processes

  • Complicated mind map

  • Flow diagrams

  • Course outlines

  • Education and more!

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